QuickFed: Holiday Exam Edition

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The Fed’s latest edition is online, just in time for more procrastination.

What Mall Santa’s really thinking about.

The Catholic Church flexes its takeover muscles.

A Christmas update from the WASPs.

An Iranian commentary on Hannukah.

Top 10 lists weren’t meta enough already.



  1. The International Drew

    I love how the Fed is just copying the Jester's format now. It seems to work out well though, since it's not creepy and stupid.

  2. Curious  

    how is it copying the Jester's format?

  3. ummmm  

    columbia won 4 football games... not 2. thank you fed, aka indicator of the apathy towards football of the larger columbia population.

  4. Anonymous  

    The Fed is painfully unfunny.

    • Surfin' UWS

      Something's definitely been off this semester. Went to a few meeting and therfore keep getting the emails-- it seems like a lot less people are interested in contributing and as a result the articles suffer. They had a few LOL ones last year.

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