1. cc'10  

    "Are you studying??"
    ...only at Columbia haha

  2. Jim  

    It doesn't match the majesty of the first night, when the snow was still falling and fresh.

  3. hey yo  

    second snowball fight, I'm really happy for you and ima' let you finish, but the first snowball fight was one of the most epic snowball fights of all time...of all time!

  4. Does anyone else ever wonder  

    what the sick people in St. Luke's are thinking when Primal Scream happens?

    Cause I'm sure they can hear it.

  5. Snow Ninja  

    I really enjoyed the two snowball fights; it was so nice to see Columbians smiling (especially during finals!).

  6. Anonymous  

    Snowball fight #1 was the winner, by far. Still, I think if you couldn't be there, it was definitely worth a sequel. I went to the awesome one, so I checked out the vid of this one and was glad I stayed in. Next time please try not to spin around so much, camera-person! A little hard to watch but excellent music.

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