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  1. skeptic

    I think that the TFA article is good in many parts, but avoids the 'cultish' aspect of the group. It is not necessarily concerned with diversity in teaching, but in unity of message. It is for this reason that project director's at certain schools will yield undue strain on their students.

    In the end TFA practices self-referentiality, getting those that buy into its (in my opinion twisted) message, and therefore finding individuals that think like them, act like them, speak like them.

    The failure in is that it does as the article implies, create a unitary movement that is, unfortunately, not appropriate for everywhere.

    I think the cure to education is not in TFA or something so nearsighted as such. It is perhaps either wholesale or in local places completely reconceptualizing the K-12 system, and probably most dramatically, it probably involves lengthening the school year or redefining the way in which students are passed on from grade to grade. That kind of big thinking, doesn't exist when you have a group that buys into the present circumstances and instead believes the answer is monetizing the reward. Monetizing teaching will make good teachers, but will prolong bad teaching environments.

  2. Please, oh please,  

    would someone at this university give Learned Foote an education? I thought he had made a fool of himself last year, but no...

    Ah, but success lies in store for those brave male souls who love men AND Ayn Rand and Sarah Palin...

    Why oh why is he a class president???

  3. Anonymous

    Just saw a brilliant documentary last night about the claims committee. Essentially, a group of unelected, self appointed thieves negotiated on behalf of holocust victims to the german govt regarding property reparations and the swiss regarding banking holdings. If the victims didnt claim the money by a certain date, I think it was 1994, they money went to the claims committee. So what the committee did was it pressured and fought with claimants, and many just gave up their rights to legitimate claims. So all these billions went to this committee that pays 10s of millions yearly to itself in management related expenses. It only pays out 9k survivors any money. Meanwhile in Israel, actual Holocust survivors live in abject poverty!!! Unbelievable. A disgrace. It was on link tv

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