They Know It’s Christmas

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Even if exams have otherwise prevented that most corporate of holidays from getting through, the rest of Morningside is getting into the decorating spirit. Here’s some of our favorites.

Snowman – Morningside drive

Bear and Reindeer – 115th and Broadway

Claremont Dorm entrance

Another looker on Claremont Ave.

Broadway Presbyterian

Tree in Morningside Park

– Photos by ESN

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  1. It's unfortunate

    that no one got a picture of my room before I took my Christmas tree down

  2. apparently

    butler 3rd floor knows it's xmas too. --a study group has decked out a small area with colored christmas lights.

  3. Harmony Hunter  

    wait wait wait so 4th picture down..

    is this harmony? where is it by the way?

  4. WAKE UP  


  5. i wish  

    i still lived in 47 claremont

  6. i wish  

    i still lived in 47 claremont. best dorm on campus, hands down.

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