Profs in the News: Holiday Edition

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While holidays, exams, and snow are a-swirlin’, some Columbia professors are adding to their Google hit count.

  • MEALAC’s Hamid Dabashi strays a little from his typical topics by writing about the Copenhagen summit. “The two-week summit is a solid indication of a world in dire need of courageous and imaginative leadership — and a case where President Obama failed to rise to the occasion.”
  • Michael Studinger from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory was one of the leading scientists on a groundbreaking study of Antarctica’s Gamburtsev Mountains. Hey, if the BBC has an article, it must be worthwhile.
  • The new director of the architecture school’s real estate development program has been named one of the New York Observer‘s “Insurgents of 2010.” Because when you think of insurgencies, you think real estate development.
  • Joseph Stiglitz says the US will need a second stimulus when economic growth slows in the second half of 2010.


  1. well

    I say Joseph Stiglitz needs to get laid.

  2. vaginal deprivation

    I second that.

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