With A Little Tape, And Some Time…

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Wallach 6B sent us some pictures of the tapeart of one of their suitemates, Sophie Whitin, CC ’13.

One of her suitemates wrote, “Sophie’s from Providence where she’s seen a lot of artists do tape art.  She wanted our suite to look more interesting + she didn’t want to start studying for finals +  4 hours and sore thumbs from tearing all the tape = what you see here.”

More pictures after the jump.


  1. oh my

    wow! thats absolutely incredible!!! and look there's another wall on the left of that last picture!

    (i'm jealous-what kind of tape did you use?)

  2. looks like  

    painters' tape

  3. Wow:  

    This is great. That last picture is definitely my favorite. Putting stuff on the table is such a good idea.

  4. oh man

    that is SO awesome! I love the turkey on the table.

  5. hahaha  

    @ suitemates covering their faces for the picture. low self esteem much?

  6. report ths

    to housing this is a violation of the contract we all sign

  7. anonymous  

    Why do I have TWO more days of finals?!?

    I didn't buy the whole, "It affects you psychologically," argument before, but now I understand. Apathy is so easy when the world around you has slipped into the Christmas coma already.

  8. Ben Weiner  

    This is incredible! Makes me miss the old LLC. :)

  9. Yo  

    That's sweet. Girl's got mad tape art skillz.

  10. Anonymous  

    Her name is Sophie *Whitin*

  11. wow  

    really incredible and creative, I have a very strong urge to copy but i'll try to resist.

    Also, 4 hours seems like a really short time to do all of this no?

  12. Wallach3er  

    yay!! i'm glad Sophie got recognized for this :) well deserved! the stockings are my fav.

  13. Crotchety Old Man  

    Sooo awesome!

    Just one complaint... the last picture was so obviously taken by Photo Booth, though the photographer didn't bother to flip the photo, resulting in a backwards 6B. I don't know why Apple doesn't make "Auto Flip New Photos" the default. I'm sick of pictures with people wearing sweatshirts proudly displaying "AIBMULOC", etc.

  14. laura  

    woot wallach 6b! so so awesome. :)

  15. Harmony Hunter  

    so my question is where is this and is it near Harmony?

  16. wow!

    sitting sleepless and grouchy in butler still, and even i can appreciate how awesome that is. i wish everyone in llc was spirited in that way. that's really wonderful!

    kudos to the furnald door too!

  17. '10  

    shit--she is 2013 too! that makes her what 5 and mad skilled.

  18. MelC

    Ben, that's like my favorite book ever. (And Sophie, you're awesome.)

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