Bwoglines: While You Were (Are) Away

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Right when we all skip town, Morningside goes crazy! Pinnacle shuttered; our delusions of security shattered, etc.

Chase Bank on 109th and Broadway was robbed. (Westside Independent)

More Manhattanville commentary, this time alluding to Albany. (WSJ)

Bored at Butler is back. Recent posts include “entourage is good” and simply and mysteriously, “koronet.”

It’s really cold and possibly 1978. (Daily News)

Obama didn’t like Columbia, but at least Jake Gyllenhaal sort of hinted that he did. (Cleveland Leader)

A mystery woman wearing a ‘sleep suit’ takes a nap on the Steps. (Blogitecture)

Mayor Bloomberg stopped by Warren Hall, a BSchool branch, on Thursday morning to announce the winner of the NYC Next Idea 2009 competition. Bloomie joked that, during his days at Harvard Business School, he “sat in the back row all the time. It was too dangerous to sit in the front row,” he explained, lest he get called on by the professor. Facebook during class, and you too can become mayor of a major metropolitan area!


  1. Anonymous

    "But I have always wanted to finished my degree." -This doesn't sound very Columbiate to me.

  2. jeez

    why can't these links open in a new tab automatically?
    It's simple enough to do myself but I was just curious if there was any reason why

  3. Anonymous

    Is anyone still missing grades? wtf. is this just prof slowness or did i fail and they are waiting to let me down easily

  4. Anonymous

    It's gonna be reallly hard to make fun of the old and ugly GS students if one of them is Jake Gyllenhaal. Just saying.

  5. Is it really

    that easy to rob a bank? Damn, next time the Columbia bill roles around I'll just hand the bank teller a little note and be done with it.

  6. ...

    For some reason, every time I think of Jake Gyllenhaal, it brings to mind October Sky and how he was still an awkward (and definitely not hot) teenager.

  7. was the sleeping photo

    from last spring or did the admins already clutter the steps with those fucking bleachers

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