1. that link

    broke my heart, especially the line "my light has gone out." I can only imagine what his family is going through. my heart goes out to them. rest in peace, michael.

  2. Anonymous

    sad.. very sad.. my condolences.. whoever you were, rest in heaven.. we will all join you later

  3. ...  

    gosh, Michael... I miss you so much =[

  4. Aron  

    Is the Columbia University flag raised to half staff when a student dies?

    I'm sorry for the Sinnott family's loss.

  5. friend

    without question, michael sinnott is one of the most gregarious and kindhearted kids that have come through columbia. truly someone that will be missed.

    i also want our friends here to know that another fellow columbian died this week. Garland English '04 died recently. a great friend, an inspiring person, and a representation of all that is good about columbia.

    this is a very sad week, but it is great to know that they lived such wonderful lives however short they were.

  6. very sad

    I didn't know him but he was in one of my classes. He seemed very lively and smart... You never would have guessed anything was wrong with him. What a huge surprise. My condolences to his family and friends.

  7. Wait,  

    how does a 28-year-old die of natural causes?

      • hmm

        I wouldn't be so sure about what you're implying, if I'm reading you correctly. You can't be necessarily certain of such a thing.

      • read the links

        an existing condition.

        • but,

          What was the condition? It's always a little odd when someone dies that young and no reason is given for their demise.

          I've found that in most situations when the death of a young(er) person isn't given is usually suicide or a drug overdose. Families usually don't want to advertise that their loved ones had some active participation in their own death.

          Though I'm sure the people that knew and liked Michael Sinnott who weren't close enough to him to know the situation have got to be wondering why he's dead.

          • ...

            Shut up and have some respect for the family. The cause of death is none of your business.

          • I'm not sure

            how wondering in an internet forum the cause of a fellow student's unexpected death is a show of disrespect to the family.

          • ...

            "I’ve found that in most situations when the death of a young(er) person isn’t given is usually suicide or a drug overdose. Families usually don’t want to advertise that their loved ones had some active participation in their own death."

            You don't see how this quote could be offensive to a grieving family? Bwog posted this not to invite speculation into how the student died, but rather to inform us and to allow us to send our condolences to the family. Insinuating that he may have committed suicide or was on drugs is completely disrespectful, especially considering that we know nothing of his medical history.

          • It's not

            insinuating anything. It's just a statement of fact that those are two categories of deaths that are not usually "publicized" (if you will) when they occur, as opposed to, say, a fatality caused by an accident or sickness.

            Regardless, that doesn't take away the fact that people (especially those that knew him) just may be more than a bit curious as to why one of their own all of a sudden up and died, especially when no reason is given.

          • uh  

            asshole... i think the people who knew him have a better idea than you do about why he died. i guess someone's projecting their own seedy private life onto other people's existence. have some respect.

    • .

      in this time of sadness, please be respectful. Many of us have minor health issues that you would never know unless you knew us b/c we have meds for them.

  8. !!

    Thoughts and prayers to the Sinnott family.

  9. friend

    as someone who knows michael, what 'but' wrote is very inappropriate.

    i do not believe it is my place to share his condition (if his family believed it important, they would have in their statements), but i'll confirm it wasn't drug use, and frankly those of us who knew him would ask each other and not speculate on some internet board.

    it is a private matter, and idle speculation is very insulting to his memory.

    • Sorry,

      but when no reason is given for a 28 year old's death in one's community, it only piques curiosity further.

      For example, if I get an email saying that one of my fellow students died from complications of pneumonia, I read it and say, "Wow, that's really sad," without raising any more questions on the issue.

      • No, sorry to you  

        If being provided with a cause of death is the only way you'll respond with "wow, that's really sad," then you're just an ass. You don't have to know everything, especially private details about someone else's life.

  10. Dunkin' Demon

    We should know, if it's something dangerous and contagious like meningitis or HIV, then the student body deserves to know. Maybe someone dated him or shared a room with him. Either way, what a horrid shock to the community. My heart goes out to his family.

  11. GS 08

    He died due to complications related to epilepsy. Now will you selfish jerks please STFU!?

  12. GS '11

    Thoughts and prayers to the Michael's family. Rest in peace :'(

  13. just condolences.

    I am a family member. GS 08 said the causes. If you were to ever know Michael you would know that he is not the type to ever commit suicide and he had a successful life ahead of him. He was loved and cared for very much and anyone who has ever met him can only wish to be as intelligent and fearless as him. He was an amazing person and was loved very much. He taught me so much and I know he will be missed. We love you Michael.

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