For Your Résumé: Daily Editors and Contributors Wanted

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Welcome back! Bwog is continually looking to bring in new talent to our crew of eye-rollers, so we’re trolling Butler for a few new Daily Editors:

The Official Job Description: Writing the posts for your assigned day, creeping around with a camera, and generally running the second-to-second operations of this noble weblog.

The Official Perks: Getting quick answers from administrators, explaining to people how to pronounce “Bwog” without yelling, and free press releases.

The Official Application: If you’re still interested, please stress over the following puzzles and get back to us at [email protected]The application is due Sunday, 1/24/10, at 12:00 noon. Thanks in advance!

  • Draw what Bwog looks like in your head.  No, don’t redesign our website.  If you can’t draw, make a collage or do some finger-painting.
  • What do you love about Bwog?  What do you hate about Bwog?  Write as much as you want, but no theses, please.
  • Pick one of the following three scenarios and write 200-300 words in a mock Bwog post.  Bwog will deduct points if you refer to Bwog in the third-person too often.
    1. PrezBo trades in his limo and driver for a motorcycle and a handlebar mustache.
    2. CrackDel raises the price of the Spicy Special to $10 and starts carding. Riots ensue.
    3. Hawkma is eaten by a bald eagle. Squirrels everywhere rejoice.

Too much work?  We’d love to have you as a contributor to pitch story ideas and cover events.  Keep an eye out for our Official First Meeting Announcement later this week (plan for Sunday evening).

Questions?  If you must, email [email protected].


  1. prehaps  

    I should have gone to yale, it seems like a happy place.

  2. OH NO!  

    this is incredible.

    this just made my columbia pride skyrocket more than any v-show ever could.

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