Bwoglines: Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back Edition

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Our pal James is at it again, this time guesting on 30 Rock and totally destroying our long-held ideas on celebrity.  Subversion! (Hulu)

CU prof Ilan Meyer testified in the federal Proposition 8 trial, and said that Prop. 8 would adversely affect the health of the gay community.  Your faculty: on the right side of history! (Gothamist)

Your faculty: also typecast as liberal. (New York Times)

Identity fraud! Intrigue! The word “manhunt,” even! IMPOSTORS WALK AMONG US! (Rolling Stone)

Debunked: the mystifying history and suggested use of the “emergency brake” on subway cars. (New York Times)

And the New York Jets, improbably but delightfully, are one win away from the Super Bowl.  They’ll play the Indianapolis Colts this weekend. (New York Times)

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  1. Leprechaun

    Fuck Leno and NBC. Punk-ass bitches.

  2. hey bwog  

    what's filming on Claremont?

  3. Sanchez  

    sucks...and Rex Ryan is fat, unspeakably so.

  4. Anonymous  

    I hope by "fat," you mean "awesome."

  5. Go  


    :( another disappointing day for San Diego sports fans.

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