Call for Opening Remarks

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  1. Silly Bwog  

    "Opening Remarks" runs alternate Thursdays in the Spec Opinion section!

  2. Anonymous  

    Gulati guilt trips the class with pictures of Haiti

  3. Anonymous  

    "Food is the new sex" Deborah Valenze in A Social and Cultural History of Food in Europe

  4. Anonymous

    Lindemann: "in case I don't reply when you wave to me .... I'm BLIND, not a BITCH"

  5. Anonymous  

    "we enjoy sex because it reminds us of reading"
    erik gray
    literary texts, critical methods

  6. anonymous  

    William Hood compared Purgatory to fat camp.

  7. Anonymous

    Prof. D Moerman, Intro to East Asian Civ: Japan

    "If you're going to eat in class, don't sit in the front row unless you want to give me some"

    He proceeds to take some Chex Mix from a student, pops it in his mouth, and continues lecturing.

  8. Anonymous  

    Professor swears when forgetting to mention something in a math proof.

  9. anonymous  

    Prof. Peter J. Awn, Islam

    "This country has so much religious toleration. You can worship an albino marsupial in the basement of low and people would be OK!"

  10. anonymous  

    Also from Peter Awn, Islam
    "not to offend anyone--although I assure you by the end of the course I will have offended every possible religious community"

  11. federica  

    elementary italian 1

    after speaking in only italian for about 10 minutes. "parlo italiano, no inglese [long pause filled with terrified stares from students]...just kidding!"

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