Bwoglines: Envy Edition

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Benny Rodriguez, the Hewitt Grillmaster, models for Saveur magazine. (Saveur)

The new Yale admissions video will make you feel better about getting deferred.

You are in class, people without jobs are rallying for the Jets. (NY Post)

Snakes on planes are actually illegal now. (NY Post)

Central Park gets all the cool stuff. This time: raccoons! (Spec)

Vampire Weekend is numero uno. (New York Times)


  1. senior  

    I now want to retract my application to yale for grad school.

  2. wow  

    if Columbia ever makes a video like that, I will drop out.

  3. Anonymous  

    I couldn't make it past more than a minute of the singing. That was unspeakably terrible!

  4. oh  

    my god. there are no words.

  5. hi  

    I actually really liked the Yale video :)

  6. ...  

    random Brian Williams cameo and a dance sequence at the end like in the finale of Grease. Somebody's been watching too much Glee...

  7. alum

    have never understood bwog's grandstanding for yale, even if it regrets it now. this video makes me happy I never even applied (for undergrad, at least)

  8. Fuck Disneyland...  

    I'm going to Yale for spring break!

  9. ...

    I can't believe I actually watched all that. A video like that would have made me immediately decide to go somewhere else... even as a bright-eyed naive high school senior.

  10. Who knew

    Barack Obama went to Yale?

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