Overheards: Vampire Weekend Edition

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At last night's show, photo via Devyn Manibo's photostream

Adept subway-taker Noah Brennan-Sawyer reported back from last night’s free Vampire Weekend show the Union Square Barnes & Noble with the following tidbits:

Tween girl to tween friend: “I started listening to Vampire Weekend after I read Twilight and got big into vampires.”

In a Q+A session, frontman Ezra Koenig said that VW’s songs are based on a class he took at Columbia called “Codes of Imperialism.” Die-hard fans will be disappointed to find that this course is no longer on the bulletin.

Another Ezra quote: “We always bring our academic studies into our artistic work.” Plus: “You can’t go back in time; you can’t go back to college…thank God.”


  1. tidbit  

    "Codes of Imperialism" is now known as "Cryptographic Imagination"

  2. Anonymous  

    so I found out about this band, since their name was literally all over the place and checked them out. they suck. really bad. then the other day I was reading a fashion magazine and saw a small marketing ad for the band. then I understood how such a crappy band could be so seemingly popular.. marketing! selling off the columbia name also seems part of their marketing strategy

  3. anon  

    also, they have hook ups. they were declared spin's new band of the year before their first album was released. also, the guy who recorded their cd went on to write for pitchfork. yeah.

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