Women’s Basketball Doesn’t Like (Big) Red

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Junior forward Judie Lomax has once again been a force for the women’s basketball team all year long, leading the team in both points and rebounds per game. Lomax outdid even her normally high standards last night, though, tying her career high with 30 points, to go with a not-insignificant 17 rebounds, in the Lions’s 68-47 victory over Cornell. Columbia jumped out to a 12-4 lead, and stretched that to 35-17 at the half. The win puts Columbia at 2-0 in conference play (and 11-5 overall) going into a four game roadtrip, which starts next Friday night at Harvard.

Unfortunately, the men’s team was not able to repeat the women’s feat, falling 77-51 to Cornell. Like last week’s loss, Cornell jumped out to a big lead in the first half, leading 37-23 at the break. Niko Scott led Columbia with 10 points. On the bright side (or not, considering the result), the crowd in Levien was the largest at a Columbia basketball game in five years.

In non-hardwood results, men’s swimming lost a close meet to Cornell, 152-148, women’s track beat both Yale and Dartmouth in the Dartmouth Tri-Meet, men’s tennis took out Boston College 5-2 in its season opener, and the men’s and women’s fencing teams went 2-3 and 3-2 respectively against Stevens Tech, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Wayne State, and St. John’s at the first day of the NYU Invitational.


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      Bahaha, I know the person who caused the leak. Slipped in the shower, grabbed the wrong thing to try to keep his balance, shit went down. Freak accident, don't be too pissed at the poor guy.

    • from the spec's story...

      ”It was traumatic. I’m still reeling from it all,” Zach Levine, CC ’12 said, who was at an Amnesty International meeting in Watt 1E when the alarm first sounded. “It’s hard to believe it all happened today. There were pipes, and then water, and from there it’s a blur. I just hope no one else has to experience something this tragic again.”

      Really? You volunteer for Amnesty and you think that a broken water pipe is tragic??


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    Yay, Judie. Yay, Barnard athletes!

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