Mary Poppins’s Worst Nightmare

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It's Rainy!

With the National Weather Service warning us of flash floods and wind gusts of up to 70 mph, today was shaping up to be a terrible day for not only students, but umbrellas as well. Oh parasols protecting us from pernicious precipitation… we hardly had the chance to know each other. In fact, Bwog’s armchair mathematicians calculated that if the average umbrella costs $15, there is at least $270 worth of broken umbrellas in the pictures that follow.


At least some umbrellas found their way to safety…

– Images by AB, DH, MH, AK, ES

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  1. Anonymous  

    the wind was epic.

  2. rip  

    umbrellas in trash can

  3. Anonymous  

    personally, I beat my umbrella back into submission.

  4. OwlPower  

    umbrella, ella, ella, ey ey
    There were some nice umbrellas thrown away too. what a pity...

  5. hungover from championship weekend  

    This morning made me feel like one of the children of god.

  6. well  

    a pedestrian crossing sign was blown down on 116th and Bway. I'm surprised no one sent in a picture...

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