Gadfly Submission Deadline

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The Gadfly (Philosophy Magazine): Accepting Submissions

Do you have a philosophy on love, life or the Core? Or have you perhaps solved one of philosophy’s age old puzzles? If you’ve ever wanted to see your intellectual meanderings into philosophy published, then submit a first draft to Columbia’s Undergraduate Philosophy Magazine, The Gadfly, at [email protected] by FridayFebruary 12th. Specific instructions can be found at www.gadflymagazine.com.

We publish non-academic writing on topics related to any field of philosophy. (“Non-academic” means we won’t publish something you would see in an academic journal or essays that look and feel like term papers.) But we will consider anything from manifestos to investigations, from short stories to book reviews. You could even rework your favorite term paper into a less formal, philosophical piece. Or you could go interview your favorite philosophy professor. For instructions and ideas, check out www.gadflymagazine.com and look around on campus for our Fall 2009 issue.

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