Bwoglines: Chilly Edition

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Though it may have looked like a blizzard this morning, Manhattan expects more rain than snow. (The Weather Channel)

It’s cold on Wall Street too. Angry brokers and traders rally for their rights. (Gothamist)

Our second favorite alum takes stock of a hard year and tries to stay positive. (NY Times)

Ke$ha could have been in your class. (People)

Howard Zinn and J.D. Salinger pass away. (CNN, NY Times)

Bundled up in winter clothes, burglars struggle to be taken seriously.

Our endowment dwindles down to $5.7 billion. (Crain’s New York)


  1. justwondering  

    bwog!!! you should implement a way to bring up a random story!!! then we can read bwog for hours!

  2. also  

    the endowment news is no news, rather, just really old news.

    june 30th? come on that's half a year ago...

  3. kelly  

    who is our 2nd favorite alum?

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