1. uhh  

    Question: is Campus Media Watch that thing that tells everyone that MEALAC is evil?

  2. Anonymous  

    who cares, its hot chocolate. and im a mealac major. mealac is evil. fuck them for moving to knox.

  3. Anonymous  

    is this the same zionist group that tells all things anti-israel and arab are evil?

  4. Anonymous  

    well, technically they aren't anti-arab or anti-israel... they're anti-bias. hence, their catchy tagline: \no bias gets by us\

  5. free coffee!  

    It seems like they are trying very hard to be as even handed as possible. I spoke to some of them and they all seem open minded to anyone joining their group and contributing articles and events. I think we'll have to wait and see how the groups evolves over the semester

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