Bwoglines: Moving Things Edition

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The economy grew at the fastest rate since you’ve been in college last quarter. (NYT)

Sophomore basketball star Noruwa Agho is leading the NCAA in 3-point shooting percentage, and he’s from Jersey. (NJ.com)

The White House requests that the 9/11 trial be moved out of Manhattan. (Daily News)

Urban Outfitters is still not moving in on Broadway. (Spec)

UPDATE: Nick Sprayregen, last of the Manhattanville holdouts, has an Op-Ed in the Times. (NYT)

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  1. OwlPower  

    Urban Outfitters is overpriced crap. Please don't move in.

  2. Error:  

    Leading the nation in 3 point percentage is INCREDIBLY different than leading the nation in total number of 3 pointers made. The article says he's only taken 72 3's, compared to a nother guy whos taken 201- therefore, the other could shoot much lower and still make more total 3's.

  3. ...  

    sprayregen op-ed is cryptic, weird and uncharacteristically short. makes me wonder if maybe it's part of some kind of deal that is being forged...

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