Bwoglines: Opposing Parties

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Harlem vs. Columbia University (BookTV)

Gov. Paterson’s love of Ultimate Fighting vs. New York State voters (Gothamist)

Men’s basketball: Columbia vs. Harvard (Spec)

Cabbies vs. Taxi and Limousine Commission

9/11 Trial:¬†Guantanamo Bay vs. Manhattan–¬†Manhattan definitely loses! (NY Post)

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  1. hey bwog  

    question about cubmail. i've been rerouting all my cubmail to gmail for the past year and a half, for obvious reasons, and now my cubmail account has 4000 messages and bounces back anything anyone sends to it. do i really have to go through and manually delete each page of emails, 20 at a time?

  2. MTV  


  3. hmm  

    when you forward, elect not to keep a copy in cubmail. or set up your gmail through a POP account so that it completely bypasses the cubmail interface.

  4. As

    far as the bluetooth ban for taxi drivers is concerned, I wonder-- could this be the end of the Cash Cab?

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