Overheard: A Reason to Spend More Time Studying

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Overheard near Uris:

“Let’s go to Avery—that’s where all the hot girls are.”

Official Response from Avery Library staff member, Ian Scheffler, CC’12:

“He’s totally right, I mean there are all those hot Italian girls from the architecture school.”

“Yeah, if you’re tired of reading, just look at all the pretty people … I mean those girls are hot!”

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  1. I forsee

    The subject of a new Bwog poll.

  2. Anonymous

    Avery is where I get my breezies fo sheez

  3. From

    personal experience, I can say that the Avery comment is generally correct. At least as far as the area on the opening floor (not the basement level) is concerned.

  4. i think  

    a survey is definitely in order. as a lady, i can say that i definitely enjoy the boys at avery. except for the random old dudes.

  5. carles  

    yo bro i request some royalties for that bro

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