Attend Tonight’s B&W Meeting!

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Dear Friends:

Please join the staff of The Blue and White and the Bwog (pictured at right) for our meeting tonight, Monday night, at 9:30 p. m. in the basement of St. Paul’s Chapel. New writers/artists/layout designers are especially welcome and encouraged to attend.

We’ll be planning our next issue, pitching article ideas, and assigning stories, so if you’re interested in working with the magazine and/or the Bwog, please stop by! (Don’t forget to come sporting your best finger-jousting attire!)

– The Editors

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  1. Anonymous  

    Someone screamed out the n-word in the library today. No bwog post?

  2. Pantsless

    Those of you who read kottke will have seen this already: A 1920s aerial view of Manhattan. I of course zoomed in on Columbia first, and was excited to see the baseball field that used to occupy South Lawn.

    Click the camera, then move the slider back to 1924.

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