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The first round of Phi Beta Kappa results are out; these lucky individuals were elected to the society in December. Congratulations to all!

For the unknowing, Phi Beta Kappa is the “nation’s oldest academic honor society,” and eventually about 10% of the graduating class becomes a member. The first round of elections took place last December, and these people were selected based on GPA and faculty recommendations. The rest will be elected and announced in May.

Initiation into Phi Beta Kappa for these inductees (below the jump) will take place in Low on Thursday. If you recognize some and would like to let us know about anything notable about them, please feel free to leave a message in the comments!

  • Hillary Busis
  • William Dunn
  • Kaitlyn Gaynor
  • Raphael Graybill
  • Christine Kwon
  • Anna Murray
  • Susanna O’Kula
  • Amanda Parsons
  • Samantha Reitz
  • Arianne Richard
  • Nicholas Serpe
  • Eric Smith
  • Jeffrey Spear
  • Evelyn Symington
  • Michael Tannenbaum
  • Daniel Villar
  • Rachel Vishnepolsky
  • Eleina Zaitsev
  • Ari Zolin
  • Claire Zukowski

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  1. mreep  

    Funny, there are no Asians on this list, though Asians clearly are a large presence on this campus. shame.

  2. OwlPower  

    on another note...ARI!!! The most amazing TA ever. He clearly deserves PBK

  3. CO-OP!!!  

    congrats nick and all the rest - huge accomplishment guys

  4. Elisia

    ELEINNNAAAAAA ZEITSEV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pest person in this world!

  5. Wendy W  

    Congratulations Hillary!!

  6. hm

    i know none of these people... and my recaptcha reads "the chewer" how weird

  7. Toolbags McGee  


  8. so far  

    some great picks. interesting and well deserved people

  9. Anonymous  

    many asian students are in SEAS. SEAS students don't get inducted into Phi Beta Kappa but rather Tau Beta Pi.

  10. carman 7  


  11. congrats

    tannenbaum was my ta--so smart and funny

  12. congrats!

    hey i am just curious, what do you have to have to get honors for cc? how many people have over 4.0s in the college? (all of them plus more?)

  13. Jim  

    Looks like for Phi Beta Kappa you definitely need well above a 4.0 My advisor told me that 3.8 is a stretch for magna cum laude and a 4.0 is necessary for summa.

    I'd venture to say about 50-70 people in CC have above a 4.0 - <5% of the class.

    I could be totally wrong, however.

    • who knows, really  

      I'd say around 30-40 people in CC have over a 4.0. That's around the number of people who are "eligible" for early-PBK (whose names are sent to their respective departments so that professors can recommend them). About half of those are elected to early-PBK.

  14. Dirk D.  

    Ari, you're the biggest star here man, and that's the way it is.

  15. Anonymous  

    Kaitlyn is brilliant. one of the most motivated, smart, and driven individuals i know on this campus. im glad to see her receive this honor!

  16. Brock Landers  

    Where the fuck is Ringo on this list?

  17. amanda parsons  


  18. hillary busis  

    is my hero!!

  19. yay hillary!  

    congrats Hillary! You totally deserve it (and you were a great editor!)

  20. woot jeffrey!

    Jeff Spear is the best!

  21. Aptly Named  

    Yeah, congratulations Jeff!

  22. Anonymous  

    Claire, you're a wonderful person! Congratulations, you definitely deserve it :)

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