The Personable Library Just Got More Personable

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Have you ever wanted to get into the mind of a Columbia ID checker, to see what it’s like behind that desk? A new blog, The Red Zone (http://showyourid.blogspot.com/), offers just that opportunity. It chronicles the tales of an Avery General Assistant, known to readers only as “GA,” since the author never mentions his/her name.

Of course, being in Avery makes everything so much better. Not only is it home to the ever-elusive “hot girl”, but our unnamed GA indeed confirms it to be the “sexiest place on campus.”

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  1. oh god  

    stop doing this to avery. it's small as it is. now all the ugly horny freshmen are going to go there.

  2. ugly horny freshman  

    ::heavy breathing:::

    heh heh, hi ladiez, relax as i seduce you with dostoevski exegesis

  3. holy shit this is best thing since wonderbread  

    i used to work at avery as a GA...ugh. it was tedious and awful.

  4. ...  

    she went to a nonsense party... bonus points.

  5. BDynomite  

    Nah, dodge is totally the building to be at.

  6. Arch student  

    Damn it, undergrads! Stay out of our goddamned library!

  7. Fredo

    I <3 Mystery Avery GA Blogger (I think I know who you are too!)
    Oh I miss working there.

  8. Lolita  

    What if I'm a good-looking undergrad? Can I stay? :3

    • well  

      If that thing at the end of your sentence is supposed to be a flirtatious smiley face, and is indeed how you look when making one then, no. I'm afraid we must banish you to the butler stacks

  9. Lolita  

    die. I'm afraid I must banish you to unemployment.

  10. oy  

    i am scared of the libraries...i feel like people will judge me!

  11. Anonymous

    so the plan is grab one from avery, play in the butler stacks, and then the deal is sealed!

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