Bwoglines: Gobbler’s Knob Edition

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It’s Groundhog Day, and Punxsutawney Phil thinks there’s more winter coming. Staten Island Chuck, though, forecasts an early spring.  In any case, if you see Ned Ryerson, run. Or start ice sculpting. (Gothamist)

From our comments: reader Pantsless sent in this awesome time-shifting map of New York. (Kottke)

Firefighters rescued a man and a woman hanging from the windows of a fire-filled Harlem building. Why did we stop wanting to grow up to be firefighters, exactly? (NYPost)

Mayor Bloomberg has yet to decide whether last year’s car-free Times Square experiment will become permanent. Beach chairs, apparently, are for puny, two-term mayors. (NYT)

Student activism, alive and kickin’. (NYPost)

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  1. That  

    is stupid - why protest the MTA? It's the city's fault that the student cards may be eliminated. The city was supposed to pay for half of the program, and then they suddenly decided not to pay the MTA all the money they owed for it. It's not the MTA's fault.

  2. Anonymous

    I miss the sixties. Can we occupy a building on campus, maybe? Doesn't really matter what for.

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