The Vag Opens, Welcoming One and All

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Bwog welcomes The Diana to Morningside Heights. Her ribbon has been cut, and students are gathering outside, excited to officially enter.

Diana T. Vagelos had this to say about the naming of the building during her opening speech:

Thanks to Sarah Camiscoli for the video coverage

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  1. surfin' UWS  


    Really? So it's not a joke? We're REALLY going with the VAG? I thought it was just a joke that ran too long but no one is gonna step up and call this out?

    For god's sakes, people. Don't Barnard girls already have enough to deal with?

  2. Anonymous  

    The Vag speaks!

  3. Chill  

    I can't believe The Vag herself showed up!

  4. surfin' UES  

    is tripping balls. i can't understand your post, dude.

  5. bwog:  

    enough. go do something productive. hate that i'm conditioned to actually check here for campus happenings.

  6. Anonymous  

    i for one would be offended if Bwog didn't call it the Vag. So there.

  7. Columbia12

    Nice to see her husband loves the Vag too.

  8. I agree with " bwog:"

    What the hell is bwog about? One minute I'm laughing at ridiculous pictures of a creature dubbed hawkma- the next I'm reading crude remarks about Barnard events ( get over it people)
    does anything have substance? If you are going to be funny, do it right. If you are going to cover lectures with wit- then be informative with a twist.
    No wonder you have your rep.

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