Bwoglines: Old News Edition

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Columbia beats Yale and NYU, placing sixth on the list of top fundraising American universities for 2009. (CAE)

Don’t like the fowl new Barnard meal plan? Now’s your chance to grouse! Attend the open discussion today at 5pm hosted by Dean Denburg in the Vag’s 2nd flood dining space on the first floor Diana Event Oval.

Barnard continues to renovate things other than the meal plan and the Vag. (Spec)

SEAS gets lots of money to build cool things. (EcoFriendlyMag)

Bloomberg feels unsafe and wants more money. (Gothamist)

The MTA is out of money. (Gothamist)


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  1. wot wot  

    Meal plan meeting location changed!! Currently on first floor Diana Event Oval.

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