You and Me Can Have a Bird Romance

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Hawkmadinejad was spotted yet again last night, but this time not alone! Ah, love is in the air…

Photos by Emilie Berner

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  1. also

    this needs to be tagged as Hawk.

  2. cheesy  

    bwog, just cheesy, but nice catch.

  3. Girls love it when you chill on the fire escape staring at them until nightfall. Dude is just trying to hook up with a hot chick.

    Ummm, that line seems to change meaning when talking about birds. I guess it depends on how much he likes Roman Polanski movies.

  4. Are you sure  

    that that's a girl hawk? I know Achmedinajad claims there's no homosexuals in Iran, but maybe Hawkma's universe is a little more progressive.

  5. Ben

    If that damn bird starts getting more action than me this semester, so help me God I will set this school on fire.

  6. Anonymous

    surely, hawkmadinejad makes love to the tune of bob dylan's classic, with god on our side

  7. Anonymous  

    at least someone is getting some ass this semester...

  8. Very Clever!  

    I LOVE the Lady Gaga reference!!!

  9. appelsaucen

    where is this exactly?

  10. MelC  

    Awesome photos Em :)

  11. aw  

    just in time for valentine's day!

    i wanna see some baby hawks this spring.
    baby hawks, baby hawks BABY HAWKS chant with me i think they're listening

  12. yeaaa boiii  

    dude just tryna get his dick wet.

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