Don’t Throw Rocks

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Bwog’s Color Wheel Checker Rebecca Newman reports from Glass House Rocks, Columbia’s closest approximation of a middle school dance.

Lerner Hall was turned into a veritable jukebox last night in tune with this year’s theme for the annual Glass House Rocks party, Glass House Rocks and Rolls.  If you didn’t already know the theme, the Elvis posters, Ziggy Stardust-like face paint on staffers and plenty of Michael Jackson music would have given you an inkling upon arrival.

CCSC, several cultural groups, the Eco Reps and even the Columbia BDSM club had tables scattered around the ramps, distributing snow cones, cookies, and glow-in-the-dark condoms. Mission Haiti was also very present, collecting money at the door for relief efforts.

Food and games were to be found everywhere upon arrival, but in true Columbia fashion, the free Dinosaur BBQ was gone in minutes, as were spots for GHR’s newest activity, laser tag! By far the night’s biggest hit with a standby line of 20 people long at times, the laser tag participants left Roone Arledge Auditorium raving about the good time and the, “big-ass guns!”

Performances of the night took place on the ramps and drew impressive crowds for dance teams that included the perenially crowd-pleasing Bhangra.  A new addition to GHR took many by surprise: a fashion show put on by new student group CU Couture, where models struck (almost) Vogue-worthy poses in designer duds.

The packed house and content faces of well-fed and thoroughly entertained students leaving Lerner late last night are a signs of a successfully “rocked and rolled” student body.  The only request for next year’s party will almost certainly be more laser tag.

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  1. Anonymous  

    "Performances of the night took place on the ramps and drew impressive crowds for dance teams that included the perenially crowd-pleasing Bhangra."

    bwog, were you even paying attention? bhangra was a GIGANTIC bore. they're not as good as they used to be. raw elementz, raas and even lion dance were easily the best.

  2. c'mon, bwog  

    did you even go? cu couture was abysmal and confused just about everyone watching. it was 4 minutes of a couple people standing around striking poses! not exactly exciting stuff going on there.

    also, bhangra was solid as always, but not very fun to watch. cu raas was probably the best last night, really energetic and interesting.

  3. I want  

    the 411 on the laser tag. what was the setup? sounded like it could be either totally sweet or totally lame.

  4. excuse me?  

    Did someone not watch Dhoom perform? Dhoom was great!

    Raas was okay too!

  5. Anonymous  

    they are so good these days!

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