1. Anonymous  

    i noticed that too. What's the pot club about anyway? just legalization?

    • it's not "the pot club"  

      The group was Students for Sensible Drug Policy, which "seeks to reduce the harms caused by drug abuse and drug policies". While many members support legalization of marijuana (either for medicinal or recreational purposes), not all do, and it's not in the mission statement of the group.

      SSDP also focuses on public health issues, such as needle exchanges, drug rehabilitation, and harm reduction. So no, it's not all about legalization.

  2. gay guy

    The way the sun is hitting the marine makes him look shirtless :)

  3. Anonymous

    Did the SSDP guy go to 212 in the second photo because of munchies?

  4. It seems  

    like both groups are equally unpopular on campus...

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