1. Harmony Hunter  

    if he would enjoy that j crew sweater well i would also enjoy learning where the location of harmony hall is so that i can hunt it down, finaly.

  2. This person

    obviously didn't take Professor Thurman's class in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism!

  3. the solution  

    of course, is to wear clothes nobody wants, which is what I've been doing for years now.

  4. She probably wrote the note

    because the jeans have herpes.

  5. passive aggression

    is sometimes ok. such as when one of your classmates living in your dorm steals your stuff. how the hell is that girl ever going to wear what she stole anyway? bit obvious. guess she's selling them. what a twat.

  6. Er  

    Coyote sightings on campus?! Bwog, get on that!

  7. I wonder  

    what she did in her past life to deserve getting her jacket stolen?

  8. surfin' UWS  

    I didn't know we could submit these things.

    My floor in Nussbaum is filled with passive-aggressive douchebags with a surplus of post-its.

  9. ...  

    the capitalization errors and underlines are really what makes this work. they really tie the room together...

  10. then again...

    Once again petty theft only occurs at a top 30 liberal arts college...across the street we don't commit such petty crimes

  11. Natalie  

    Damn, I had a tank top and AE athletic pants stolen from me too on Quad 6. Except, I just put up a missing sign...

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