ASA FIFA Xbox Tournament

Written by

Lerner 569

Contact email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.columbia.edu/cu/asa/

Come out and show your support for Haiti by participating in the African Students Association’s FIFA Xbox Video Game Tournament! Enjoy an intense and competitive FIFA tournament while providing food, water and shelter for the hundreds of thousands displaced by the earthquake.

For only $4, you will have the opportunity to engrave your spot as Columbia’s FIFA CHAMPION! We will have eight groups of four players each. The group stages will be Round-robin, and the games at that level will be six minutes each. However, progress to the knock-out Quarter finals, Semi finals, or Final game will result in longer, ten minute games. The Champion will be established as the best FIFA player and win a special prize: a new soccer ball ideal for the upcoming warm spring weather! More importantly, all participants will be providing a helping hand to the humanitarian disaster in Haiti as all proceeds will be donated to the cause. There’ll be snacks and drinks provided for all players too.

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