Middle Eastern Cultural Appreciation House (MECAH) Member Recruitment

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Middle Eastern Cultural Appreciation House (MECAH), recruiting members!

We have spots in our suites in 47 Claremont, and would love to fill them with students with Columbia undergraduates who share our passion and interest in learning about, having fun with, and sharing our love for the unique cultures of the Middle East. MECAH is just what our name says – a cultural appreciation house. We plan on having lots of cooking, music, and art events. For more information on the House and to apply, please contact Narine Atamian at naa2126@columbia.edu. The deadline is at the end of this week, so please get to us as soon as possible!

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  1. February 12 Deadline!  

    Sorry for being unclear, but the deadlines is actually this friday. Interested applicants shoot us an e-mail before then so we can get you an application!


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