Bwog Personals: You Now Have No Excuse to Be Alone This Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is this Sunday, and we’re bringing back Bwog Personals just in time. For those of you who have friends that are less fortunate than others (or in some eyes, “luckier”) and are dreading a day of loneliness, don’t worry. We’ve got ’em covered.

Bwog Personals allows eligible bachelors and bachelorettes a chance to showcase themselves to the Columbia community. Save your single friends from a day of self-pity and nominate them (or even yourself!) for a personal by emailing tips@bwog.net. We’ll give you some questions to answer, and you’ll find true love.

We’ll post the personals on Friday, which will give interested dates enough time to contact us before Sunday and will give ourselves enough time to dig up $10(!) that we’ll supply to the romantic pair. But of course, if you find yourselves to be a more adventurous couple, we’re offering guest meal swipes to John Jay Dining Hall as well.

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  1. Guest Swipes...  

    at the Jay? Where can I sign up?

  2. i can't believe i'm saying this, but  

    hook-up Harmony with Harmony Hunter

  3. hey  

    send out those questions already!

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