The Diana Center Café Opens

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There was no ribbon-cutting and you won’t get any berets, but the Diana Center Café officially opens today, and people are trying their best not to accidentally make double entendres. The new cafeteria features a macaroni and cheese bar, a handful of different paninis, and a salad bar. It’s open from 11:30 to 3; students use either Barnard meal points or Dining Dollars.

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  1. BWOG!  

    You should do an article about the 99 Columbians project! They just "opened" the exhibit on their website today!

  2. correction  

    they take dining dollars as well

  3. Are there...  

    thin crust pizzas??

  4. correction:  

    you can only use dining dollars or cash. meal points are for hewitt or john jay.

  5. correction:  

    'panini' is already plural.

  6. Anonymous  

    My biggest problem with being on a meal plan is that food never seems to be available early in the morning or late at night. I was hoping that some of the would be relieved by the opening of new locations in the Diana but if the new cafe is only open for 3.5 hours during which I have class the addition is totally useless.

  7. no one knows what they are talking about  

    you can use barnard meal plan points, dining dollars, or cash. It is the same system as liz's place.

  8. will this be enough

    to make barnard on par with the illustrious Columbia university and shed its no. 30 ranking?

  9. Anonymous  

    so they stop serving food at 3pm??

  10. WTF  

    is a macaroni and cheese bar? I'm assuming it's not a solidified block of M&C, which means it must be some sort of buffet containing multiple varieties thereof. Thus, WTF?

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