About That Screaming and Chanting

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We’ve heard reports from College Walk down Broadway that a flock of women wearing sailor hats (DG! DEEE GEEEE!) has been marching down towards 113th and screaming. Some gals are screaming “AMAZING ALISON!” and “MAGNIFICENT MAY!”

Oh! It’s Delta Gamma rush time.  Enjoy.

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  1. The whole sailor thing  

    is pretty stupid.

  2. Anonymous  

    you wrote such a short comment cuz you were too busy beating off with the other hand. and the only disturbance was in your pants.

  3. you know what  

    I just jizzed in my pants.

  4. dg  

    dg girls are the easiest out there

  5. Seriously, BWOG.  

    Why have you not reported on 99 Columbians? The creators of it did a really excellent job, and their online "exhibit" is pretty amazing. As FASCINATED as we all are by squealing sorority girls in sailor caps, you should highlight this innovating student-run initiative.

  6. steve brule  

    fuckin creeps video taping us

  7. post about

    the 99 columbians exhibit. it's amazing. srsly.

  8. stfu  

    the yelling is possibly the most annoying thing in the world

  9. name (optional)  

    i guess the rumors were true all along. DG is the hot/dumb one...

    the bigger question is: Why are more people going Greek now? Are people born after 1990 more likely to not be able to make their own friends?

  10. Last I Checked

    Columbia already had a sailing team.

    I don't think it's as slutty as DG though.

  11. Anonymous  

    Honestly, why so much hate? Yelling for no reason is what college is all about. Even though we go to an Ivy league school we should still be able to retain some semblance of a respect for those who wish to do whatever they want. As both a member of this mostly liberal academic community and a member of greek life, I abhor the haters who would strip us of the simplicities of our lighthearted nonsense. Take a break from keeping up with your cc readings and realize that our fantasy of college life is so very short, and by the time its over you will wish you had yelled and gone wild for the entire time.

  12. James Kunstler CC'09

    I loved the girls of DG.

    I loved the ease with which I enticed them into lovemaking at Beta, their endurance in the sack, their complete openness to multiple relationships with the various sororities.

    I estimate that I bedded about half of the house, lovely women, those. And of the entire sorority set, certainly the ones with the most brains. When I took out girls from Sigma Delta Tau, it was another matter entirely, I think they ship them in from State school.

    The DG's are not necessarily hard, just a bit more discerning. It's a clean stable, to say nothing of the buffet of grotskiness that reigns at SDT.

    Congratulations to the newest crop of concubines.

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