Bwoglines: Columbia’s Such a Trendsetter Edition

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Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, via NYT

Columbia professors get elected to things (Senate.gov)

Columbia’s core is the magic of video games (NYT)

Columbia’s architecture is blogworthy for Bloomberg (Bloomberg)

Columbia knows about the best diets (CNN)

Now that Obama’s popularity is declining, it turns out he never attended Columbia? (TransWorldNews)

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  1. awesome

    that last link made my day.

    dr. james david manning is a f***ing retard. (see colbert report)

    also, i think your captcha system has a sense of humor. apparently that last link "contains mullets"

    • Anonymous  

      also, "scathing interest"

    • just give it up already  

      Even if Obama had been born outside the US/naturalized elsewhere/whatever you have it, what would happen?

      - Obama could be impeached. Problem: There's no way in hell that enough Democrats would vote to impeach him. But what if they did?

      - Joe Biden would become president. Oops!

      It's sad that these birthers have nothing better to do with their time.
      (captcha: 'Said Snaffle')

  2. ugh  

    Wow, American Grand Jury. I now have a headache.

  3. dear bwog,

    did you take government in high school? federal judges are not "elected" to anything; they are nominated by the president and confirmed by the senate.

    shame nobody on campus is writing about this. judge greenaway is a great jurist, a columbia man through and through, and a real inspiration to a lot of folks. and a great professor to boot.

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