Let It Snow Part 1: Sorry You Still Have Class

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As of 8:52 this morning, Bwog regrets to inform you that Columbia is still open. At 6:17 this morning an e-mail went out saying that everything would be open on its regular schedule. Don’t give up hope though, if conditions worsen, school could close. Keep checking Bwog and call 212-854-1754 for regular updates.

However, that can’t prevent you from frolicking! Send in snow pictures to Bwog to aid our continual coverage of the blizzard throughout the day.

Full e-mail from James F. McShane, Director of Public Safety after the jump

To the Columbia Community:

The University will be open today, Wednesday, Feb. 10, on its regular schedule.

Affiliated institutions Teachers College and the Jewish Theological Seminary have announced that they will be closed today.  The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory will also be closed and there will be no Lamont shuttle bus service.  Otherwise, it remains the case that Columbia University and Barnard College will open this morning as normal.

There are some gate closures at Morningside for snow removal, including Earl, Chapel and 120th Street gates.  All other gates will be open.

Due to changing conditions and weather reports during the course of the day, we strongly encourage everyone to check on the homepage or call for updates about the University’s status and schedule, including other shuttle bus services.  For the Morningside campus call 212-854-1754; for the Medical Center call 212-305-7300.

James F. McShane
Vice President for Public Safety
Columbia University
Low Library, Rm. 101
Mail Code 4301
535 W. 116th Street
New York, New York 10027

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  1. hmm  

    i hate you, james f. mcshane. :(

  2. Anonymous  

    There is a blizzard warning in effect until 6 AM tomorrow and it is snowing sideways. Why does Columbia have to act like it's a force above the weather?

  3. ...  

    well... ccny changed their minds and closed this morning... i feel sorry for all those professors commuting from jersey. i hope they make it here safely (or better yet, tell CU to get bent)...

  4. Anonymous  

    Ten bucks that PrezBo won't be leaving his cozy mansion today while we have to walk through a blizzard to get to class.

  5. I think  

    that we're the only school open in the city...

  6. Jim  

    Columbia and NYU are the only two universities open in the city. But the meteorologists say the heavy snow is coming today. Might be closed tomorrow or by this afternoon. It's snowing heavily out there, sucks that they're making us trek across all that snow!

  7. Fuk it  

    IM not going anyways

  8. will this be enough

    to close harmony hall?

  9. snoooowwww  

    if this isn't a reason to open the underground tunnels, i don't know what is!

  10. Even

    Cooper Union is closed! If those engineers can't get to class, what hope do we have?

  11. come on  

    Princeton AND Penn and any other sane school in New York City is closed today. Columbia, seriously. What is wrong with you.

  12. california  

    I never had a snow day growing up as a child. columbia, you have taken away all of that possible joy from my life. THANKS.

  13. new york  

    we never had snow days growing as a child in New York City either...I'm not surprised about Columbia's decision at all...

  14. we are closing  

    this afternoon, keep checking in

  15. Bwog...  

    ...please bring the funny today. We're expecting you to be the rising tide.

  16. Anonymous  

    NYU is closed for the rest of the day. From their website: \NYU to cancel classes that meet after 12:30 and close at 1:00 PM\.

    It's just us now.

  17. serious student  

    Columbia just wanted to show that it's open even during the heaviest snow. Columbia is too selfish and is lacking common sense. This is for making a record. This vice president should be suspended for doing something unsafe

  18. Well well...  

    Just received a text from CU: "As of 3pm, campus classes and activities are suspended due to weather. Please check website for more info."

    Glad I was able to attend my only Wednesday lecture. No drama later about making up the material.

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