Personals: Brian Nickel, CC’11 and Mark Hay, CC’12

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Bwog presents you with Brian Nickel, CC’11 and Bwog’s very own Lecture Hop Editor, Mark Hay, CC’12. Interested parties should email personals@bwog.net by 9 p.m. tonight!

Name / Year / School / Major: Brian Nickel/2011/Columbia College/Poly-Sci and Sustainable Development

Preference (guy for guy, etc.): what up ladies

Hometown: Syosset, Long Island

Your dream date in seven words or fewer: Find  a new restaurant downtown — my treat.

What redeems you as a human being? I’ve been told I have a great laugh.

Choice aphrodisiac: molson golden with apples and peanut butter

Most romantic spot in Morningside: Riverside Park at sunset

Sexiest animal (interpret as you will): Gary Nickel (my dog)

Historical figure you have a crush on: Marilyn Monroe

Name / Year / School / Major: Mark Hay, CC’12, Religion and Political Science Double Major

Preference (guy for guy, etc.): Hey, whatever I can get.

Hometown: Spokane, WA

Your dream date in seven words or fewer: Rainy day. Cute café.  Maybe later lingerie?

What redeems you as a human being? That scrappy, relentless tenacity. That, or the sporadic facial hair.

Choice aphrodisiac: Genmaicha Tea, perfectly toasted and balanced, steeped for precisely five minutes in fresh boiled, pure water and left to cool for thirteen minutes.

Most romantic spot in Morningside: In or around Saint John the Divine.

Sexiest animal (interpret as you will): Falcons – Go, Mordecai!

Historical figure you have a crush on: Ashoka the Great.

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  2. Brian Nickel's laugh  

    is epic!

  3. A Royal Tenenbaums reference?  

    Mother, may I?

  4. Anonymous  

    i love brian nickel

  5. Brian Nickel  

    so fucking hot right now

  6. It's meant to be  

    Apples+peanut butter=my staple diet

  7. brian nickel  

    i want him inside me

  8. It's meant to be  

    peanut butter + apples = my staple diet

  9. brian nickel  

    you're cute... i wish i had the balls to take you up on that restaurant downtown

  10. brian nickel  

    stop being a bitch and pull faster

  11. ppphhuuuuccckkkayouuu  

    briiiiaaannn nniiicccckkeeellll

  12. Mark Hay  

    is literally my favorite person ever. I have such a crush on him :)

  13. damn...  

    brain nickle is the worst person i know

  14. Anonymous  

    It's Brian Nickel's year!

  15. A tea enthusiast!  

    Genmaicha is awesome, too bad he's a guy...

  16. ha  

    I've had classes and half-crushes on both of these guys.

  17. Anonymous

    I want to punch Brian Nickle's laugh in the face. It's so gay.

  18. oh mark..  

    you're so cute ;)

  19. brian's  

    laugh is like a choir of angels singing

  20. mark hay  

    is an amazing human being

  21. Mark Hay  

    makes my heart whistle<3

  22. finally  

    someone not entirely straight. got any bones to throw to the campus's gay community, bwog?

  23. Brian Nickel  

    Is the bomb diggity. Yes, I used Will Smith-era slang to describe him. Anyone passing up this young gentleman is making the mistake of a lifetime. I heard he singlehandedly saved a small rainforest in Guatemala, delivered a set of triplets, cooks a mean, braised short-rib dinner, and can recite impromptu poetry of at least 3 stanzas upon request. Did I mention he has better intentions than St. Augustine? If you have any sense, take this man up on a date, new restaurant downtown, his treat; what's to lose? I'm not lyin', date Brian.

  24. relax  

    hysterical (un)realism

  25. Killers

    Brandon Flowers, is that you?

  26. mark hay

    Dudes and dudettes, this guy is a win. Handsome and a great conversationalist.



  28. yes  

    it's true that you can get lost in conversation with mark hay! in a good way (oh I rhymed, how nice!)

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