1. awww  

    that's so sweet! firemen are the best!!

  2. I may not have a heart, but


  3. it's montel's  

    not mondel's

  4. lol  

    it's cute, but also kind of ironic that the fire truck is so blatantly parked right in front of the bus stop. anybody else would get a $100+ ticket for that...

    • clearly  

      you didn't read comics as a kid - heros (particularly in the name of romance) play by a different set of rules, and that's how it should be ... and don't give me bs about what makes firefighters heros

    • whatever

      Any cop who DOES give a ticket to a fire truck or ambulance for a parking violation is a huge asshole. Especially fire trucks, since where can you find a legal spot to park a big-ass engine. Or, especially ambulances, since a $100 ticket wipes out a whole shift of EMT pay after taxes.

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