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You know the drill: you wear things we like, we take pictures of you! As Seen on College Walk marches on, despite frigid temperatures and slush.

Zhuoxi Lu, BC ’09, Barnard Gates

So you graduated a couple of years ago. What brings you back? I’m meeting up with a friend.

What was your major? Biology and psychology.

What do you miss most about Barnard/Columbia? I don’t know. I guess. . . nice professors!

What are you doing now? I go to Parsons for fashion marketing.

What will you be wearing this Valentine’s Day? Red shoes – red heels.

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Devon Stewart, BC ’11, College Walk

What’s your major? Women and Gender Studies with a Sexuality Studies concentration and a minor in Sociology.

Tell me about what you’re wearing. Leather jacket with raccoon fur collar. There’s nothing like animal skin to keep you warm. And thigh high black socks scrunched into black Chanel flats.

What’s something interesting you’ve read lately? I read something interesting about same-sex lover suicide for my queer theory class.

Ryan Gingry, CC ’11, Lerner Ramps

What’s your major? Political science.

What will you be wearing this Valentine’s Day? I’m going to do pink in a very creative, subtle way. I want you to be like, Oh! She’s wearing pink!

What’s the most interesting class you’ve taken here? The Twentieth Century in American Politics.

What do you like most about Columbia in the winter? Not as much as snow as in Chicago, so I can wear cute boots. I’m like, there’s a snow day? Seriously?

Hollie T., GS ’11, SW Corner of 116th and Broadway

What’s your major? Political science.

What will you be wearing this Valentine’s Day? I’m wearing these really cute platform red pumps with merlot tights [. . .] I like those two shades.

What’s your favorite class this semester? I would have to say Russia and the West – and it’s a class with Elise Giuliano. She’s the best professor.

What’s your favorite thing about winter at Columbia? Gosh . . . I would have to say the lights. Just really pretty.

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  1. I may be failing my informal Sexuality Studies concentration, but at least I don't wear fur.

  2. Wow  

    Nice job weeding out the hipsters in this one. Keep it up bwog.

  3. Ew

    I think Devon's quotes just devalued my degree.

  4. "There’s nothing like animal skin to keep you warm."

    I'm sure that the raccoon shared this sentiment. The only time it was okay to wear fur on a college campus was during 1920s Bugs Bunny cartoons. Now, you just look as dumb as you sound.

  5. Tyra-wannabe

    All the outfits look rather sloppy. Or maybe they just suck at posing.

    The guys on campus can do much better. Even the male athletes make sweatpants and tees look good on their chiseled bodies.

  6. This is  

    the first of these fashion postings to feature well-dressed (if seemingly a bit vacuous) people. So quotes aside, mission accomplished, bwog.

  7. Why

    is she dumb for wearing fur? It's how our ancestors survived. You wouldn't be here to make your trite self-righteous comments if it weren't for human beings wearing animal fur.


  8. Anonymous

    This feature is a keeper
    fun to read
    great pics and interviews
    who are the writers???

  9. meh

    if i've eaten the animal, i should be allowed to wear its fur.

    otherwise, it is just being wasteful.

  10. anonymous

    I know Devon and she is pretty much the most annoying person ever. And this is one of her tamer outfits.

  11. The next time Devon drones on in class, someone please tell her to shut her raccoon hole.

  12. well  

    i don't know her, but i thought devon looked really good!! jealous girls keep hatin'

  13. wow  

    guess everyone be hatin on Devon. Chanel flats? raccoon fur and leather jacket? goddamn. Maybe i should walk around with my fox fur (complete with the fox head) on campus and strike up some controversy.

  14. Bwog needs to interview someone that will really strike up some controversy. Someone who takes risks and wears a dangerous outfit. The most dangerous outfit.

  15. Pacific Ocean Native

    Too much talk about red and pink, and so little to show for it. While it was disappointing not to catch a glimpse of Valentine's Day fashion, were these really the 4 most interesting people around campus this past week? Columbia should be better represented in the fashion department. Hopefully the rest of the college fashion world online will take this week's "As Seen on College Walk" with a grain of salt.

  16. Winter  

    I think this is just a bad time of year to be doing fashion posts... Especially outside, what?! Everyone is just trying to layer on, not really worrying about how fashionable they look. When it gets warmer people's sense of style really comes out.

    • Anonymous  

      no, when it gets warm you can't layer as much and your 'outfit' becomes a sundress and wayfarers or shorts and a tshirt/polo to keep from sweating to death after walking up 6 flights of stairs in hamilton only to find that the heaters are accidentally stuck in the 'on' position. summer clothes suck, layering ftw.

  17. Anonymous  

    Also, Zhuoxi's outfit was nothing special, just white boots and a white coat. Everything just looks very 'asian' for some reason, like from asia asian, and i don't even mean that in a bad way.

    Devon's jacket is nice, i like the belt. Kinda weird that it's leather and down though and i'm not a huge fan of the color. le sportsac bag is bringing it down. also not a fan of the sloppy scarf that doesn't look effortless, just looks sloppy. black leggings, black socks rolled down like a modern 80s legwarmer concept and black flats is completely uninteresting. Also the flats throw off the proportions and the whole thing tapers weird. the top half looks good though with the effect of the fur collar and her hair.

    Ryan has good layering, just a bit basic. The scarf is a nice touch of color but makes no sense outside the coat, i think it would look nicer and balance out the flowyness of the dress (i like the print) if it were inside the coat. Overall a nice basic outfit with good color use.

    Hollie, i have no idea what possessed you to wear white moonboots in the first place and i have no idea what possessed you to match those white moonboots with a weird white 80s b boy jacket concept with a tonally matched grey hood. I guess since you matched the jacket and the boots it would only make sense to wear a matching beret thing with a poofy matching top fluff. The blue gloves throw it off and the jacket kind of looks like wrinkly old skin in a completely unflattering cut and a weird material. Also, the bag doesn't match anything.

    None of it (except the abominable snowwoman) is particularly bad, just none of it is inspiring or note worthy. There aren't even interesting individual pieces, but I'd have to say that Ryan and Devon did the best.

  18. Man,  

    I love these posts more for the comments than the outfits.

  19. Anonymous  

    Is the last person meant to be a joke?

  20. Anonymous  

    The first girl needs to pose in a way that doesn't say "I just wet the bed, and now my parents are yelling at me." If she tried something other than the awkward asian pose, we might be able to appreciate her clothing. From what I can gather, she needs some color with this mix, and she needs to get away from being so matchy-matchy with those go-go boots. A bright colored scarf and a nice red birkin would make this outfit much better, and some different boots would go a long way.

    The travesty of the second girl isn't that she's wearing fur; rather, her faux pas lies in the fact that the fur collar too closely resembles her afro. Everything from her chest to her knees is fine, but the flats/sock combination is awful. Who the fuck cares that your shoes are from Chanel, considering that her 80s socks fashion choice managed to fug them all up? She just needs to go to payless and buy some healed boots...and I pray that she's not as annoying as she came off in this interview.

    For the third girl, it's a nice and appropriate outfit, but there isn't a wow factor. The one thing wrong with this outfit is that awful scarf. The scarf turned a cute girl into an aged Barnard professor in an instant. However, I give her props for being able to rock short hair.

    As for the fourth girl...you've got to be kidding me. Moon boots have the ability to make uggs look sexy, and I don't know who deserves more of a lashing, the people who invented these "boots" or the morons dumb enough to buy them. As for that awful jacket, she is definitely taking fashion points from last week's golden girls-inspired, furry freak show. One word: AWFUL. The hat just adds the perfect final touch by completing this fashion cluster fuck, and by hitting the streets in this outfit, she is simply saying to the world, "I don't own a mirror."

  21. disgruntled  

    not one of those students featured can actually dress themselves to save their lives. fun to read and critique i guess

  22. on fashion walk

    is doing a great job
    This is the only post to get so many responses.
    Isn't that the whole idea.
    People love to read about themselves.
    Look how successful the personals were
    And also look how many people love to read the room hop..
    face it columbia people- you just love to read about yourselves.
    keep it up bwog- you have identified what people like

  23. no boys featured

    on fashion walk
    Aren't there any stylish columbia guys
    we know there are
    just check out the personals

  24. Actually  

    I really love Zhuoxi's outfit. Great shape, simple, and chic. The bag offers some much-needed color, and I'd love to see some red lipstick on her.

    The minimalist in me gags at all the others, though.

  25. are there stylish

    faculty- " on college walk" ????/
    My guess is that some of the profs should be included
    as well
    Also- maybe have a section on stylish hats, or scarves or just focus on 1 item of clothing.
    The questions really make the column
    its the combo- the questions and the people featured.
    keep it up BWOG- this column is a keeper

  26. sporkle  

    Do you know what I'm really fascinated and challenged by?
    All these posts where the writer seems compelled to enter
    almost at random
    a poem.
    it makes me wonder if this is
    just how the internet has decided to talk now
    or whether it is simply
    the same person
    over and over

  27. yeah, clothes  

    are all about making girls more attractive to men. That's why we wear clothes.

  28. Cris

    These girls look good. At least they're trying, which is more that can be said for 89.2% of the campus girls (who attend class in greasy bed hair and stretch pants). You're supposed to have fun with fashion, not blend it with everybody else. These commenters are jealous that nobody stopped to take their photo or give them a second glance.

    Don't worry 'bout the haters.

  29. To All Hypocrites

    There is no difference between this fur collar and the dead animal on your plate

  30. Actually  

    I am not Devon. I am an anthropology major. I don't watch the flintstones. get your head out of your ash.

  31. Noel  

    I think they all look great :). Totally loving Hollie's jacket!

  32. like the previous

    post said-
    everyone WANTS TO BE NOTICED
    everyone would love to be featured "On College walk"
    these girls are great

  33. NOTICE

    To the poster who said they "can't dress themselves" they all seem to have successfully put on clothing so I think they got it covered.

    It's funny that commenters seem to be taking this so personally. It's fucking clothes, people! It's not a grand moral statement. It must be terrible to go through life being horribly offended that people aren't wearing the clothes you would like them to wear.

  34. LOL  

    Devon's major is the most Barnard thing I've ever seen.

    Also, one cannot seen chiseled male athlete bodies through sweatpants, and BWOG should set up a deer stand on college walk to stalk PrezBo and get some fashion tips.

  35. awesome  

    Ms. Lu looks super stoked!

  36. Anonymous

    Vegetarians = pompous

    I don't care how great you are because you don't eat meat.

  37. ugh  

    still totally unimpressed.

  38. -PLEASE-

    get a proper camera for these pictures.
    A lot is lost when you take a bad picture, and if the outfit was shitty anyway, a nice picture might redeem it just a little, AT LEAST FOR OUR EYES.

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