Bwoglines: Pimps, Pranks, and Premeds Edition

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Former City Council candidate Peter Gleason accuses the J-School’s Wayne Barrett of working for a “Publishing Pimp.” (NYPost)

Premed students may have more options by the time they graduate. (NYT)

Feeling generous and a fan of Chowdah? Why, you’re in luck! (eBay)

But not nearly as lucky as this grad student who was hit by the 1 train and only suffered minor injuries. (Spec)

Celebrating the start of E-Week, ESC recently pranked CCSC and Bwog’s own Sean Zimmermann caught on camera all the phases of a good engineering project: design, implementation, and damage control.

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  1. haha  

    wow. I just laughed so fucking hard at that Chowdah/Ebay thing. Brilliant.

  2. haha  

    wow. I just laughed so fucking hard at that Chowdah ebay thing. Brilliant.

  3. omg

    the dude who got hit by the train is mad lucky and that thing about his father made me tingle.

  4. ironically  

    the dude hit by the train was in chowdah...

  5. I'm about to call Bovice, we gonna run train on you, BITCH

  6. chowdah  

    neither condones nor endorses getting hit by trains or making money off of Haitian disaster victims, for comic effect or otherwise.

    And $50,000? Come on, Jeff.

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