1. porn enthusiast

    Simone Wolff has a very tenuous grasp of the pornography industry, conflating mainstream, studio-based porn with internet porn, which is a much less established and regulated industry. She blames the problems of each group on the other and in general doesn't seem to have an understanding of institutionalized pornography or its history. Much better defenses can be made.

  2. old  

    You do realize these are all the same articles from the issue they released like 3 months ago?

  3. yeah...  

    this is an old issue. there isnt a new one. did bwog not realize this?

  4. boring  

    my god, so boring. and "old" is right...this is the same stuff from november.

  5. Old  

    indeed, but Alex Magnetic's story remains among the hottest shit I've ever read, as a gay dude.

  6. 2010  

    when is the new one coming out?

  7. NSFB  

    they should use tags like NSFB so when we're in Butler trying to procrastinate on Bwog everyone doesn't see us looking at naked people...i got an eye from an old lady.. i feel like a bad person

  8. ughhh  

    the only good thing about the party was the liquor-seeking frosh who only reluctantly gave into the dress code. someone should write a story about that scenario and put it into c-spot.

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