Bang for Your Buck: How to Make Your Money Stretch

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@ Lerner 477

Have a hard time having a social life in the high-spending culture of Columbia University? Don’t know how much is reasonable to spend on entertainment? How can you make your money work for you? Not used to having enough money to even “budget”? Do you wanna work smarter, not harder? Are you pressured into spending money even when you don’t want to? Are you looking to develop some better budgeting/money skills for your next stage in life (next semester, post-graduation, grad school…?) Come to this relaxed, stress- and judgment-free gathering about budgeting: the obstacles that get in the way, how to do it realistically, and ways to resist the temptations of Columbia University’s high-spending culture. This class will be a sneak-peak of a semester-long class on financial literacy to hopefully come in Fall 10. This event is a part of the series “Cashing In: A Week of Empowerment, Support, and Education on Economic Class and Identity,” a new initiative under the Common Cents Project. Please join our Facebook group!


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