Money Matters: Telling Our Stories

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Broadway Lounge, 14th Floor, Broadway Residence Hall (113th and Broadway, NE corner)

Join faculty, administration, and students for an evening together where we’ll share our stories around class, money, and identity. A panel of CU administrators, professors, and students will share their personal stories around class and identity. By sharing our stories, finding our commonalities and acknowledging our differences, we can lessen stigma and empower our student population. Come together for this special night. Learn more about the roots of our administrators and students and contribute your own experiences to the conversation! FREE DINNER will be served! ***** This event is a part of the series “Cashing In: A Week of Empowerment, Support, and Education on Economic Class and Identity,” a new initiative under the Common Cents Project. Please join our Facebook group! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=info&ref=ts&gid=288961023800

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