Race and Class Matters at an Elite College: An Evening with Dr. Elizabeth Aries

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@ Low Library, Faculty Room

This event is a part of “Cashing In: A Week of Empowerment, Support, and Education on Economic Class and Identity” put on by The Common Cents Project. This evening is being co-sponsored by the Black Heritage Month Committee and the CC/SEAS Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Join us Sunday, February 21st at 6pm for an evening with Dr. Elizabeth Aries, author of the groundbreaking book “Race and Class Matters at an Elite College.” Enjoy a free dinner with the special opportunity to hear Dr. Aries speak about her research, its implications for students at elite colleges, and to discuss how we can improve campus culture and transform our colleges and their institutions so that they truly serve all students’ needs. Dr. Elizabeth Aries is author of the ground-breaking book, “Race and Class Matters at an Elite College,” in which she researches the experiences of Amherst College students along lines of class and race and how they are informed by identity issues. Fully cognizant of the atypicality of Amherst students, Dr. Aries recognizes that the matters of race and class that students are dealing with on campus were not unique to this institution, but are issues being dealt with or avoided throughout the larger society. “Finally, a case study that skillfully unpacks the problems of race and privilege, the less visible inheritance of social class, and the well-intentioned but unfinished campus efforts at environmental engineering. Elizabeth Aries’ insights and recommendations are as serious and relevant as the vexing challenges our colleges face.” —Eugene M. Tobin, Program Officer for the Liberal Arts Colleges Program at The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and co-author of Equity and Excellence in American Higher Education

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