Zine Library Club First Meeting

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@ 022 Lehman Hall (Barnard)

Questions and RSVP:  zines@barnard.edu


Get involved with the Barnard Library Zine Collection by joining the new Zine Library Club!

Participants in the zine club will devise the scope and purpose of the group. Possible projects include creating a group project, developing zine resources for students and professors, and recommending zines and events
on the zine library blog. Plus, the club (name TBD) will provide a good home for DIY and print culture at Barnard and Columbia.

Snacks (including homemade treats!) and a welcoming atmosphere will be provided.

Zines are: small, low budget, self-published and self-distributed publications, written by authors outside the mainstream who are motivated by desire to share thoughts or skills with a community rather than to make
money or get famous. (rhymes with “spleen”)

Barnard College Library hosts thousands of self-published zines, boasting the world’s only circulating collection of zines in an academic library.

Barnard’s zines are written by women with an emphasis on zines by women of color. A woman’s gender is self-defined. We also collect zines on feminism and femme identity by people of all genders. The zines are personal and political publications on activism, anarchism, body image, third wave
feminism, gender, parenting, queer community, riot grrrl, sexual assault,
and other topics.

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