Eyepoke: The Dissatisfied Edition

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If only we could complain about the language requirement too!

For some, New York is just too cultured to be entertaining. Solution: head to Jersey for some mindless American fun.

Half a day of classes in bad weather is like forced ROTC. Or being in the navy.

Face-to-face encounters are obsolete. Everyone’s moved on to cyber voyeurism now.

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  1. On the Language Requirement Article:  

    There is a language for non-linguists. It's called Spanish. If you can pass the language requirement still saying things like "el environmento," I really don't think that it's a demanding requirement.

  2. Anonymous  

    fuck the language requirement. I love the Core only because it consists of mostly classes I would take anyway. The language requirement is not one of them. I speak English, and I'm pretty happy in my ignorance if that means I can take 4 more classes towards my major.

  3. anon  

    the core should just be abolished altogether.

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