Saturday Morning Cartoons: Wintery Mix Edition

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It’s past noon, and you have no ambition to get out of your pajamas or stop mindlessly staring at your computer screen. This can only mean one thing–it’s time for Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Cartoons by Abigail Santner

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  1. !!!  

    These are so awesome.

  2. Homer

    Ahhhh, my beloved car toons.

  3. please please please

    feature more stuff about the students and less about other things. These cartoon are amazing. THEY ARE A KEEPER !!!!!! When bwog features stuff about the students-varsity show, the room hops , the on college walk- it is soooo much more fun to read !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. nomask

    These are so awesome. This person should make a regular cartoon strip on the BWOG.

  5. prettysleaze

    The mathematics snowman is the best. I dont really get the Physics one, maybe its too theoretical for my simpleminded self. Funny toons tho.

  6. you should

    make this a standing column
    At the end of the year put together a collection of really great columbia cartoons.
    A career is launched

  7. broadwaybearcat

    Havemeyer. Ive had several accidents in their lab!

  8. Whoah  

    all of these comments are positive! no snark, bwog readers? i'm pleasantly surprised.

  9. Anonymous

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Snowmen!!! Super Awesome!! More please!

  10. Anthony  

    Wow...this person has amazing talent...they should be a regular.

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