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You keep dressing sharply and Bwog will keep taking your picture! Here, another week’s snapshots of Columbia’s most stylish students.

Katherine Taylor, BC ’13, Hewitt Dining Hall

Where are you from? Originally St. Petersburg, Russia.

What’s your major? I want to major in ballet and psychology.

What inspires your fashion sense? I think the thirties and fifties. I like–it’s very feminine, cute.

What are you looking forward to right now? Summer and beach time!

What’s the most interesting class you’re taking? Probably ballet.


Genevieve Jacobson, CC ’12, College Walk

What’s your major? Anthro and art history.

What’s your favorite class this semester? Twentieth Century Art with Brandon Joseph.

Funny! Someone else also said that a couple of weeks ago. Yeah. It’s incredible. I love it. He makes a red square interesting.

What’s your inspiration? Chloë Sevigny.

Where are you going? I’m going to meet up with a friend to do some de Tocqueville reading for CC.

Elena Villareal, CC ’13, College Walk

What’s your major? Undecided.

What’s your favorite thing to wear in winter? My amazing Cole Haan space boots.

What’s your inspiration? Myself.

Where are you going? I’m going home to study, finally.

Cody Geronimo II De La Vara, CC ’13, John Jay Dining Hall

What’s your major? I’m thinking right now math perhaps. I was thinking music, but I don’t think I want to anymore.

What’s your most interesting class? Honestly, I like my Calc II. . .but CompSci’s pretty sick.

What’s a class you want to take? Basic Electroacoustics.

What inspires your style? I don’t know. Where I come from – San Diego. Things that are funny; very silly old clothing.

What are you looking forward to right now? In two weeks, this famous techno musician from Chile named Matias Aguayo is coming to Market Hotel and making some sick music!

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  1. wow  

    damn, codys the man

  2. Anonymous  

    aw, these kids are adorably weird

  3. hey  

    you guys spelled Matias Aguayo wrong

  4. umm  

    ok bwog, i get the fashion sense in #1, and possibly #2, but 3 and 4? seriously?

  5. Bwog, Stop!  

    just because theyre dressed different does not make it fashionable!

  6. too many  

    space soldiers on this campus...

  7. Anonymous  

    holy shit. can they be more indy or ugly?

    if i were an prospective student and saw these pictures (alone with the history of this feature), I would decline my acceptance, or withdraw my application, immediately. It makes Columbia seem really weird and indy.

  8. Anonymous  


  9. um...  

    ballet isn't a major.

  10. hmm  

    bwog, learn how to photograph your subject properly. just...browse the sartorialist or something.

  11. hmmmm  

    number 3 is pretti bad!

  12. Anonymous  

    shit these pictures are awful

  13. Anonymous  

    Awful. Just awful.

  14. Fashion is not to be taken lightly.  

    No, really. Especially since Fashion Week was only last week, this is an insult to fashion to say that these people are the epitome of campus style. Number 1 has a cute flower in her hair, but that's about it. Number 2?? Come on. Just because she wears a dress from the 90's and disgusting socks does NOT make it cool or ironic. If she maybe had those socks in some heels, as the runways have shown, perhaps I'd cut her a little slack. Number 3 looks like my grandmother's couch after her cat vomited Cheetos on it (that orange bag- yeck!). And 4 is just cute. We can excuse boys a little more, as sexist as that is. Too bad he hasn't formed a sense of style, common to freshman boys.
    Please read/glance at the Sartorialist. Scott Schuman is fantastic and those people have real style.

  15. Replace every "style" with the word "penis".
    Replace every "fashion" with the phrase "marsupial sex".

  16. lol  

    ppl r real haters for no reason

  17. seriously?  

    all these kids have their own quirky sense of fashion which is what this article is highlighting. so all you pretentious fashion slaves, get off your high horse and deal with the fact that not everyone struts around campus in heels and haute couture.

  18. please  

    note: Cody's Winnie the Pooh charm

  19. If you call this "stylish"  

    then I guess I can wear a banana peel on my head and call it "haute couture."

  20. what  

    what the hell kind of picture is that of Genevieve?

  21. Entirely Unrelated  

    I have high hopes for the class of 2014:


  22. Anonymous  

    Number 3 looks like Ugly Betty, except less well put together. Does she have any concept of color coordination? The coral bag and the horribly fitting pink shirt compliment each other about as well as... well I don't know, but it's grotesque.

  23. Anonymous  

    to the daily editor: be more discriminating about the photos you post. #2 could have been good, but she clearly wasn't ready for the picture--and not in a cute candid photo way, but a bad photography way. I'm a frequent BWOG reader and I believe this feature could be great. Just try harder. Ask better questions. Take better photos. Make an effort. Follow the BWOG standard.

  24. surfin' UWS  

    You can always count on Columbia students to take a few minutes from our busy required reading-filled Sundays to channel the plastics from "Mean Girls" and bitch out fellow students.

    Oh Columbia. Never change.

  25. Cody  

    has an AWESOME name. Geronimo?? That sounds too cool to be true. but yeah, I think Cody is the cutest/coolest out of them.

  26. Oh boy!  

    No reason to be mean to the subjects, goodness! They were just going about their daily business. Question Bwog's choices, but let's not be assholes. That said, it would be cool if the photos were a bit better, so we could get the full scope of these charming individuals' styles.

  27. oh wait but let's be real  

    Genevieve rocks.

  28. Anonymous  

    you spelled Cody's last name wrong.

  29. Anonymous  

    For real, Bwog needs to step up its game. Every week these get worse and everyone picked is CC/BC'12 or '13

  30. Anonymous  

    can't even see no. 1's dress because of the retarded angle at which this photo was taken. come on bwog!!

  31. Anonymous

    Bwog, can your sense of style be any worse or any more homogeneous? I'm so sick of seeing these frumpy, dirty-looking hipsters. The first girl is probably the most different, but she doesn't even look that stylish or well-accessorized. I could do such a better job. Sometimes I wonder if these posts are meant to be taken seriously or is this some kind of sarcastic joke on what not to wear...

  32. WOW

    I want to call Stacey and Clinton right now.

  33. everywhere  

    the carnabetian army marches on,
    each one a dedicated follower of fashion

  34. Anonymous  

    I hope Elena's inspired by herself because I sure as hell am not inspired to anything except maybe vomit at her fashion sense.

  35. disappointed  

    bwog, it's okay if you don't have a good sense of fashion and are therefore drawn to people with a similarly poor fashion sense. But, I can usually depend on you to ask witty questions and take decent photographs. This does neither.

  36. cutiewithabooty  

    Elana rocks---stop hating on a girl who knows what she's doing and working it well!!

  37. sexylibrarian2010  

    quit hating, yall just wish you had space boots. don't take a horribly botched photo of a cute girl like Elena and subject her to all these pretentious and disturbed people.

  38. Blame the photographers!  

    Y'all need to take better pictures

  39. truth  

    can we rename this feature "hipsters as seen on college walk"? since when does well-dressed = wanna be brooklynite scum?

  40. uhmm....

    ballet's a major at barnard?
    who spends 50 g's to major in that?
    and ppl try to say barnard and columbia offer the same standards in education

    • Anonymous  

      1. It's dance, not ballet.

      2. She said dance and psych, not just dance. Many dance majors choose to double major.

      3. Someone who wants to pursue a professional dance career but wants an education so that they can find another job when they're forced to retire around the age of 30.

      4. Just because you have no appreciation for the performing arts doesn't mean that they're not worthwhile.

    • surfin' UWS  

      What an idiotic thing to say.Many people take secondary majors out of interest and passion.

      It's a calling like anything else. Is it any sillier than Eastern religions, Creative Writing or any of the dozens of Columbia majors that don't involve a straight path to Wall Street?

      Just because something doesn't require you to write an essay and post on courseworks every two days does not mean that it is not worth learning, honing, and committing to.


  41. damnnnn  

    damn ppl need to give everyone a break. If u dont like it then dont look at it! Stop hating for no reason. High school years are so NOT over

  42. oooo  

    Genevieveeeee MWAHHHH you look kyoooooot!

  43. can I comment  

    and be a catty graduating senior:

    1-did you mean to make your boots look like uggs?
    2-head-nod to ke$ha, torso-nod to 2nd grade ballet dancers??????
    3-ugly betty: so maybe you're not too self-inspired.
    4-urban outfitters goes through the washer a few thousand times.

    sorry, not fashion!

    • can i comment  

      and be a candid graduating senior:

      you're a stuck-up shallow bitch! :)

      • obs

        Way to take it personal- you must wear a vomit-inducing combination of all the outfits. I'll call you...Barnard. :D X0

        • lol

          Oh yes, because I point out just how pathetic you are for judging people's outfits like a fucking high school freshman bitch, I am now one of those horrible barnard students! Good god, I'm so hurt! How dare someone insinuate I go to college across the street and, GASP! wear ugly clothes!

          Poor little girl, maybe if you spent more time acting like an adult instead of pissing and moaning about outfits and Barnard students, you might actually make some friends!

    • Anonymous  

      you can whatever be whatever you want little princess!
      be a candid graduating senior (whatever the fuck that is supposed to suppose)

  44. As much as these photos may not be flattering...  

    ... you have to give these people credit for giving time into their outfit. Most people at Columbia trot around in sweats and flip flops (yes, even in the Winter), or socks and flip flops... And lets not forget how many people skip the step of trying to dress up and just throw on Columbia apparel.

    • This

      is a very valid point! Even though this isn't exactly the hottest crop of Columbia fashion I've ever seen, I appreciate anyone trying to do more than slap their greasy hair into a top knot, and head to class in their pajamas. I've seen far too many platform flip flops on Columbia to hate on these people for doing something fun with their clothing.

  45. Anonymous  

    genevieve rox. but what is that picture? she deserves better.

  46. Anonymous  

    genevieve's face is too pretty not to be shown in this picture!

  47. uhh  

    ugly, dirty, far from fashionable... utterly sad.

  48. Anonymous  

    knee socks will never be in.



  49. Anonymous  

    also, what is genevieve doing on anything related to fashion? girl needs to look in a mirror before she leaves the house.

  50. Nathan  

    What really annoys me about this whole situation is not the clothes these kids are wearing (what makes these kids really fashionable is that they are unique in comparison to the sea of preppy A&F around them), but the fact that Bwog would take photos of them and not expect this highly insulting discourse. People who go beyond the average will always get persecuted for being different, especially at Columbia, and I think Bwog should just be a little more professional and think before placing these types of individuals into the line of fire.

    and Elena and Genevieve are fierce.

  51. this

    column sure gets a lot of responses......

  52. this column

    should focus on the combo of the interview and the clothes.
    Everyone has their own distinct style.
    BWOG should manage to capture the student's quirkiness and complement it with a great interview. The clothes are just an excuse to interview interesting columbia students and faculty ( and everyone knows there are many) The students are being nice to pose, they would benefit from nice pics.
    The ROOM HOPS are great. They showcase the quirky rooms and manage to make the students' rooms also lok great and interesting.
    The ROOM HOP person should do a feature called OFFICE HOP, and feature cool offices from columbia and barnard professors.

  53. great idea

    The room hop person should do a feature called OFFICE HOP.
    That way the students can see the potentiall very unusual offices of the professors.
    their cool stuff, how they decorate, the books on their shelves etc...
    I vote for room hop person who did ZOE's room to do OFFICE HOP

  54. bleugh  

    I feel like this article takes 30 minutes to produce from the time the columnist steps out of their room to publication. I see plenty of fashionably dressed people every day and these people, while I am sure interesting in their own right, are by no means standouts. Written by the right people, this column has all the potential to be interesting.

  55. Note to self:

    Avoid camera-toting Bwogger on college walk at all costs! I feel bad for these folks - there's practically no way to be featured in "As Seen on College Walk" and come out untouched. Keep your head up guys!

  56. Anonymous  

    plenty of people on this campus stand out from "the sea of A&F". is there even a sea of a&f? an extraordinary number of people here are well-dressed with a distinctive personal style, but of course bwog picks only those people who look like they got dressed in the dark.

  57. This post has

    99 comments, but a compliment aint one.

  58. Anonymous  

    just because they dress hella weird doesn't mean they're fashionable. ew.

  59. These people  

    Probably don't feel too good about themselves after reading the comments about themselves.


    Also, NONE of these people ARE SEEN ON COLLEGE WALK.

  60. call me crazy  

    but looking back on the photos, it's hard to believe this is not a joke. No one is smiling and some or looking at the camera. This could be straight out of the Onion. Terrible piece, or a poorly conceived joke.

  61. Anonymous

    To quote Kurt Vonnegut (loosely), anyone who uses as much animosity as you all have to attack a photograph on a fashion blog is \like a person who has put on full armor and attacked a hot fudge sundae.\

    Chill The Fuck Out.

  62. Smsh  

    a lot of insecure mothafuckers go to CU/Barnard to be shitting all over their fellow students. Congrats & keep it up!

  63. fred  

    you guys need to chill the fuck out and listen to matias aguayo

    matias aguayo "rollerskate"

    rebolledo feat. matias aguayo "pitaya frenesi"

    matias aguayo "minimal (dj koze remix)"

    closer musik (matias aguayo + dirk leyers) "one, two three (no gravity) (ewan pearson remix)"

    matias aguayo "new life"


  64. Cody

    not too sure why I was picked,
    I am blatantly not on college walk.

  65. WBAR  

    god cody, why you gotta dress like you just tumbled outta bed to go to John Jay or something? You're at an elite institution now, a lot is riding on your sartorial choices.

  66. person

    genevieve looks like a cute little elf and if that's not fashionable fashion sucks

  67. Not like the 50 millionth commenter matters buttttt  


  68. there  

    are fashionable people at columbia... it's just that none of them are shown here

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